1. What is TeamBakchod ??

TeamBakchod is one of the best way to discover and share everything Indian that is happening on the Internet. We curate and create relevant Indian stories that entertain, inspire and keep you hooked.

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2. What we Post ??

Our editorial team covers stuff that is share-worthy .We do video stories, fun lists, picture compilations, parodies, stand up acts and everything else that is worth sharing.

3. Hey I want to Contribute for TeamBakchod. What should I do?

There is great opportunity to work with TeamBakchod and People from various backgrounds can contribute to TeamBakchod, We have a great program called Scribble. Check out the details right here.

4. I saw something on the site that offended me. Can you remove it?

Yes for sure just shoot a email at : support@www.roxfeed.com and we will investigate and remove it if its bullying someone.

5. Suggestions for TeamBakchod

Suggestions are welcome at : support@www.roxfeed.com