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Model Who Claims To Have The Longest Legs In The World, Reveals How Her 51 Inches Long Legs Are Ruining Her Modelling Career


For 22-year-old Chase Kennedy having long legs is quite a struggle. The American model with a height of 6’5’’of which over 4 feet is only her legs claims that she has the longest legs in America and that she had been turned down by some modeling agencies for being too tall. Her 51 inches legs are just 0.9 inches off the world record of the longest legs.
Chase reveals that growing up she had to face a lot of bully. Her friends nicknamed her ‘Giraffe’ and ‘Legs’. She confesses that dating had always been difficult because of her height as men are intimidated by her height. No matter how much trouble her long legs cause her, Chase confides that she loves her height and her legs particularly.
The current US record holder for the longest legs in Holly Burt whose legs measure just 49.5 inches.
Currently Chase is dating a man named Jason who is 6’4”. But dating has always been a struggle for her because of her height.
Chase reveals that she was 6’1” by the time she was in high school and was only 13-years-old.
As a child she wished she was smaller becasue her classmates would use to bully and tease her. But now she seems to be more than just happy with her height.
It was her height and her long legs that made her quite a star in volleyball and basketball.
When she was in high school she was scouted many times by modelling agencies but the offers reduced as she grew up because of her height.
Most of the modelling agencies in America have a height limit of 5’11 or maximum 6 feet. When Chase would go to these agencies, they would refuse her saying they couldn’t do anything with her.
Another struggle that she has to face is shopping for clothes. She confesses that normal shorts look like underwear on her and same is the case with skirts and dresses.
Her father has an impressive height of 6’7”. Her mom is 5’11 and her brothers are 6’5” and 6’6” respectively
Chase says that she feels sorry for the people who get a seat behind her in the cinemas. And why not?
Chase claims that when she stretches or leans forward she can easily beat the record for the highest legs.
So, while Chase’s longg legs might not be landing her too many modelling assignments, but definitely there are people out there who are talking about her.

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