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Shilpa-Richard Gere, Padmini Kolhapure-Prince Charles: Here Are Some Awkward Kisses Involving Bollywood Stars Which Created An Uproar And Some Left Us Scarred


Rajkumar Rao is hogging the limelight these days for having kissed an 80 year old actress Kamlesh Gill in his recent release ‘Behen Hogi Teri’. Talking about awkward kisses, Bollywood stars have been involved in many awkward kisses that are etched in our memories. Not to mention that a few of these kisses have also scarred our minds.
Mahesh and Pooja Bhatt
Mahesh and Pooja Bhatt did a photoshoot for a magazine long ago which continues to raise eyebrows. In the shot which became the cover-page of the magazine, Mahesh and Pooja were seen locking lips. Being father-daughter, this definitely did not go down well with the masses and created an uproar.
Shilpa Shetty and Richard Gere
Most of us still drool over Richard Gere in ‘Pretty Woman’ and ‘Runaway Bride’. So we can understand Shilpa Shetty’s sentiments when she had met him back in 2007. But hell broke lose when Richard planted an intense kiss on Shilpa’s cheek during an AIDS awareness campaign when he was visiting India. So much that a local court in Rajasthan passed an arrest warrant against Shilpa and Richard.
Back in 1980 when Prince Charles was visiting India, actress Padmini Kolhapure sneaked a moment and planted a kiss on his cheek despite of tight security around him. This incident not just made news on national level, but also made headlines in international madia.
Back in 2013 when Deepika Padukone was being linked to Siddharth Mallya, the duo made headlines when Siddharth suddenly pulled Deepika closer and kissed her following Royal Challenger’ win in a match.
This one was a shocker when Ram Jethmalani bumped into Leena Chandavarkar and both ended up kissing each other. The incident took place during ‘Hum Log Awards’ which took place in Mumbai.
Okay so the next one is of SRK kissing John Barrowman on Jonathan Ross’ reality show. While some consider it real, others render it fake. The clip never released which makes it dubious. The picture however left everyone surprised.
In 1993, during an event to honour Nelson Mandela in Cape Town, Shabana Azmi was also invited. When  Shabana greeted Nelson, he gave a peck on her cheek, but the picture made news.
Back in 2007, this picture created quite a furore when Bipasha and Christiano Ronaldo were captured kissing each other.
In 2014, Dharmendra became a part of Ram Jethmalani’s birthday bash. When the actor handed him a bouquet of flowers, Jethmalani sneaked a moment to kiss the star. This left even Dharmendra a little stunned.
This was back in 2006 when Rakhi Sawant attended Mika Singh’s birthday bash. According to Rakhi, after the cake cutting ceremony, Mika outrageously kissed Rakhi. The episode made headlines on several levels and also gave Rakhi a lot of fame.

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